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Pamper Your Kitty With Our Cat Grooming Services

Visit The Cat Market (inside The Dog Market) for comfortable, low-stress cat grooming in Toronto. Your kitty will look and feel great!

Cats spend a lot of time grooming themselves – and rightly so, because there is a lot that needs grooming and all they have is their tongue! Just like you need the occasional trip to the spa or salon, so does your cat. We offer a full bevy of grooming services to give your cat a break.

Nail Clipping cat grooming

Nail Clipping

Bath and brush cat grooming

Bath and Brush

Cat grooming oatmeal treatments

Hypoallergenic or Oatmeal treatments for sensitive skin

cat grooming and ear cleaning

Ear cleaning

Pad shaving and cat grooming

Pad shaving

Feet trimming and grooming

Feet trimming

Lion Cut cat grooming

Lion Cut

cat during grooming

Other touch ups needed

Our Professional Cat Groomers

Our wonderful cat groomers have been with us for several years and love to spend time with our feline clients. They pride themselves on helping their animal clients maintain a relaxed and positive feeling while under their care. They can do a traditional lion cut or a full de-shed and get out all the small mats your cat may have.

Cat Grooming Supplies in Toronto

Experienced Cat Groomers
At Your Service

Our groomers have performed services for hundreds of cats. Certainly things like tangled fur or even thick mats can be handled at home, but this runs the risk of causing injury or distress to your cat. Regular grooming can be performed at home using your cats preferred brush, but every once in a while it’s good to turn to a professional for a more thorough grooming session.

A Cat Grooming Spa For Your Kitty

We will provide your cat with a safe and comfortable place for them to wait until you come to pick them up. Our groomers work in a 700 square foot gated and secure grooming facility where we can keep your cat and carrier safe until you can pick them up.

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Professional Cat Grooming


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