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A healthy breakfast starts off your day with a jolt of energy, a big lunch with a mix of vegetables and energy sustaining protein helps you maintain that level of energy through the afternoon, and a well-rounded dinner can mean the difference between calling it a night early or spending some quality time with your family. We may not always realize it, but the food we eat helps dictate our daily outlook as well as our long term health. This goes for both our human and nonhuman family members. However, not every pet store in Toronto offers food that promotes the same health benefits in your pet that healthy food does for you. At The Dog Market, we want to help your pet experience the benefits of healthy, appropriate food, as well as other products that will increase the happiness and longevity of your four legged friend.

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Dry & wet food, grooming supplies, toys. Ok, maybe toys aren’t essential, but can you really say no to that face?


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We work and live in the Beaches. At 2116 Queen St. East, we are ideally situated to service all of Toronto and the surrounding area while keeping ourselves grounded in the community that has given us so much. Each and every employee at The Dog Market is an animal lover. We have dogs, cats, fish, birds and all kinds of furry friends we come home to at night. And because we are animal people ourselves, we are active in all kinds of community events where we can get outside, get some exercise and spend some social time with our pets.

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