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Cat Accessories for The Discerning Feline

Cats might be the low maintenance pet that many busy families adopt, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve (and require!) special treatment and fun cat accessories too. As they grow, cats develop unique personality traits including food they like, colours they find interesting or engaging, and litter they prefer. We stock a huge selection of cat supplies and cat products to help you nurture and grow your kitty’s special personality.

Scroll down to see if we have what you need – chances are we do (and a few things you didn’t even know you needed).

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Cat Food

Cat Food

Cat Treats

Cat Treats

Litter Boxes

Cat Litter Boxes

Cat Collars and Leashes

Collars & Leashes

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Grooming Supplies

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Cat Toys

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Cat Beds

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Cat Bowls

Get your cat fitted for a harness

More and more cat owners are exploring the possibility of cat walks or allowing cats outdoors when attached to a harness and leash. Cats are crafty and skilled at wiggling out of ill-fitted harnesses and it is important for you to ensure your cat is comfortable and secure in their outdoor gear. Come in for a test fit and we’ll help you find the right one for your feline.

Cat toys for your active kitty

Sure, toys are a great source of excitement for your cat and give them an outlet for some of that abundant midnight energy. But they also encourage cats to develop some of their natural hunting and stalking abilities, leading to improved cognitive function, problem solving and self-sufficiency. Choose quality cat toys from leading brands.

Popular cat brands we carry

Nina Ottoson Skineez Westpaw Cosmic Catnip

Kong Play-n-Squeak Ducky World JW

Cat Products

Nutrient rich cat food

Whether you prefer to feed wet, dry, dehydrated, raw or a combination, we have a variety of health-promoting foods that your cat will love. Here are some things to consider when selecting a food:

  • Wet food requires refrigeration after opening
  • Dry food is convenient because it can be left out or stored easily
  • High protein versus low protein dry cat food
  • Wet foods may be beneficial to cats with urinary tract problems. The high moisture content helps increase liquid intake

Raw food and dehydrated raw food keeps more nutritional content intact and isn’t subject to the same kind of processing non-raw foods are. This comes at a higher price, but dehydrated raw food will keep as long, if not longer, than standard dry food.


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Top name brand cat products

We have a huge selection of grooming supplies from leading suppliers like Naturvet and Pet Organics. We have litter and litter boxes to suit any aesthetic and environment. We stock beds that we guarantee will lure your cat out of that ragged shoebox in the corner. We carry ID tags for those ninja cats that might sneak out of the house when you’re not looking and any other cat accessories you can imagine.

Learn more about what we sell by browsing our catalogue of products and come by our shop today.

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