Dog Obedience Training in Toronto

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Dog Obedience Training in Toronto

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Dog training can increase your pet’s quality of life

The Dog Market’s Dog training in Toronto is provided by Dorothy, Chief Instructor at Mother Knows Best Obedience School. Through strictly humane methods, Dorothy has been teaching obedience for over 25 years and is a very successful dog trainer in Toronto.

Dorothy focuses on kindness and working with the dog’s natural spirit to encourage positive behaviour modification. Training and obedience are achieved without food or treat coercion, resulting in an increase bonding and a willingness to please. Puppy school also enhances puppy socialization as they will have the chance to interact with other dogs and people through group classes.

Obedience training helps you build a better relationship with your dog

Dogs are lifelong learners, just like people.

During our time as dog trainers, we’ve seen even the oldest dogs learn better behaviour. No matter how young or old your dog is, Dog training in Toronto can improve:

Improve Quality of life with obedience training

Their quality of life

Change behavior with dog obedience training

Their behavior

improve your Relationship with obedience training

Your relationship with your dog

Our dog training is open to everyone

All dogs are welcome to our obedience training, including:

  • Puppies or old-timers
  • All breeds
  • All temperaments

As long as you and your pup are up for learning, there’s a space for you in one of our regular dog school group classes.

Just be sure to bring your willingness to learn and your humour!

Dog Obedience Training

How our dog training helps

You and your dog will learn everything you need to know to be a happy dog family and learn successful behaviour modification. Your dog will learn to:

  • Walk without pulling the leash.
  • Sit when you stop walking.
  • Stay, sit, and come when called to sit in front of you.
  • Ignore unattended food on the table (since it is not for him/her).
  • Stop barking for attention.
  • Ignore the door (after all, the doorbell is not the enemy).
  • Stop jumping up on visitors and furniture.
  • Be polite. We emphasize proper puppy socialization with other dogs.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly your dog learns with a qualified dog trainer. And the best part is that it’s fun for both of you!

FAQs about our dog obedience training

A. We offer multiple classes per week on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays at various times.

A. Each class accommodates between 4-6 pairs (parent and pet), but smaller class sizes are common. Other loved ones are welcome to come and watch.

A. Yes! We recommend most start in the level 1 class, which teaches fundamentals like sit, stay, heel and general behaviour cues.

Once your dog completes level 1, you can move on to level 2 for more advanced training, including hand signals and distance training (like recalling from out of sight).

There’s more too. We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves. So, all we’ll say is – agility training.

Whatever your breed or your level of experience, obedience training is a fun, smart way to bond with your dog.

A. Puppy training is one of our most common services as dog trainers. Many dog parents like to start their new family members off on the right foot. An important thing to remember is that your puppy is rapidly changing. Here’s how they change:

  • Birth to four weeks of age: Puppies are becoming used to their surroundings, opening their eyes and developing baby teeth. During this time puppies need to be kept warm and given access to proper nutrition from their mother.
  • Four weeks of age to three months: Typically, puppies are able to go home with their new owners when they are eight weeks old. They will have developed basic motor skills and be used to some socialization. During the first three weeks at home, your puppy may understand some basic training but will focus on becoming used to you and their new surroundings.
  • Three to six months: During this period is when puppies are most impressionable. They will have developed the mental capacity to interact with you and may start to test their limits. It is critical that you work hard to create a positive relationship with your pet and train them during this time.
  • Beyond six months: Your puppy is growing up faster than you would like at this point! From here, you can continue training your dog and should start to settle into a regular routine to reinforce the positive behaviour you would like them to take on.


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