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Raw Food For Dogs – Better Nutrition and Taste

A raw dog food diet will delight your dog with amazing taste and texture. The real benefit, however, is that fresh raw dog food has increased nutrition over typical dried dog food. With less additives, more nutrients, and top-of-the-line safety treatments, raw dog food is a wise choice. Raw dog food is naturally grain-free and has high protein, which is generally what most dogs need. Visit us for safe, balanced raw dog food in Toronto.

Benefits of Raw Dog Food


Naturally Grain Free

Naturally Grain Free

raw dog food with nutrients

More Essential Nutrients

dog foods without additives

Less Additives

safe raw dog food

Strict Safety Protocols

Why Buy Raw Dog Food

If you’re going to feed your dog raw meat, can’t you just feed them what you find in the grocery store? Unfortunately not! Dogs can’t get all of the nutrients they need just from muscle meat, which is usually the only kind of meat grocery stores carry. Dogs also need organ meat and ground bone, in the right proportions. All of the raw dog food we carry is carefully created to best meet your pup’s needs.

Raw Dog Food Safety

How do you assess the safety and nutrition of raw dog food? At The Dog Market, we only carry, and would only feed our own dogs, raw food that has been treated with High Pressure Processing (HPP). This FDA and USDA recognized safety measure kills any pathogens in the food. Furthermore, we only carry North American brands that must adhere to strict safety policies.

Dog Brands We Carry


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raw dog food in toronto

Benefits of Raw Dog Food

Raw dog food is more delicious, of course, but it has many other advantages. It contains less unhealthy additives and more of the nutrients your dog truly needs. After eating it, you dog’s stool will be smaller and their gut bacteria will be healthier. You may notice your dog drinking less water, developing a shinier coat and whiter teeth, with less bad breath. There are many other potential health benefits your dog may gain when they eat a BALANCED raw food diet.


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Not sure if raw dog food is right for your dog? We understand that you have concerns about how to best meet your dog’s needs and keep them healthy well into their senior years. Our knowledgeable staff can answer your questions about raw dog food. You can also trust that we’ve selected only the best brands to carry in our store. Visit us today for raw dog food in Toronto.

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