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Dog Supplements and Vitamins

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Dog Supplements for Every Age

Sometimes quality food isn’t enough for your dog to get all of the nutrients they need to be healthy. Your dog’s vitamin needs may change as they age and they may develop a health condition which requires them to start taking supplements. To meet your four-legged canine family member’s unique needs, we carry a range of supplements, from vitamins and minerals to digestive enzymes and omega vitamins. Whatever nutrients your dog needs, you can trust the high-quality dog supplements at The Dog Market.

Types of Supplements We Carry

Dog supplements and vitamins for puppies

Puppy Supplements

all ages dog supplements

All Life Stages Dog Supplements

Dog Supplements for Older Dogs

Senior Dog Supplements

Loyalty program

Thinking about your dog’s health? The right food can go a long way to getting your dog the complete nutrients and vitamins they need. To ease the cost of the healthiest dog food, The Dog Market offers a loyalty program, which provides a free bag of food after the purchase of 12 bags (not all at once of course). The right food along with the right supplements will help keep your dog in great health for many years.

Puppy and Senior Dog Vitamins

Dogs need different nutrients throughout their life. Puppies need extra nutrients as they grow, especially immune system support and vitamins, while senior dogs may have trouble absorbing vitamins and need additional supplements to stay strong. We have everything you need for energetic puppies to joint/hip care supplements and multi-vitamins for older dogs, as well as vitamins for adult dogs who may need support in keeping their skin healthy and their digestive system running smoothly.

Dog Supplement Brands We Carry


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Dog Supplements

Performance, Show and Working Dog Supplements

If your dog has a high-performance job, from protection work to competing in dog shows, they may need more nutrients to perform their best. Quality dog vitamins can help them keep up the hard work, recover from injuries, or simply give them a healthier, shiner coat. You can trust The Dog Market’s supplements to be safe and high quality.


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If you have concerns about choosing the right, quality supplements for your four-legged family member, head to The Dog Market. Our staff can help you find the right supplements and natural treatments for your dog. With our wide range of dog supplements and dog vitamins, we’re sure to carry what you need.

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