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Dog Id Tags

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Personalized Dog Tags Are Essential For Safety

Despite your best efforts, you never know when a propped door, faulty fence, or even a well-meaning visitor entering your house can let your dog loose. In these unfortunate circumstances, dog tags can provide the essential information needed to make sure that someone can help them come back to you safe and sound.

Don’t Run the Risk!

Nothing is more stressful than losing your beloved pet. It’s not something that you want to picture, but it’s too late after the fact. Be sure that they have an ID tag on them at all times.

Your Friend Deserves the Best Dog Tag

We have some of the best and most loved tags from brands around the world. Whether you are looking for something simple and to the point or want to dress your dog in something a little more special, we have what you want and a lot more. Our tags are engraved deep into the stainless steel or brass, unlike many other suppliers who just remove the top layer of paint. This makes a more reliable safeguard for your pet.

Dog Brands We Carry

HotDogs Red Dingo Rockin Doggie

dog wearing dog ID tag

Choose your dog ID tags from the best brands

  • Hot Dogs all Dressed – engraved charm style ID tags
  • Red Dingo – from simple & classic to options with fun and colourful graphics
  • Rockin’ Doggie – stylish tags that look almost like jewelry


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Dog tags ensure that your pet can make it home, regardless of where they wander off to. Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve and make the quick trip over so that we can help you customize the perfect ID tag. You’ll be thankful you did! Visit our location in the Beach to pick up your dog ID tags today!

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