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Dog crates for comfort, training and safety

Dog crates are a great tool for training your puppy early in life. A dog crate will help with toilet training and can keep your new dog from chewing up your shoes (or anything else they can get their teeth on) when left unsupervised.

They are also a refuge to help your dog feel comfortable and safe any time they’re around the house.

Benefits of Dog Crates


dog crate to help with toilet training

Help with toilet training

dog crates prevent dog from chewing shoes

Keep your dog from chewing up your shoes

comfy dog crate

Comfortable and safe anywhere

Dual purpose dog crates at The Dog Market

Many crates are designed for the dual purpose of house training and pet comfort. All of our crates that we stock include such features as leak proof removable pans,  crate divider, double latch doors, durable double gauge metal and rubber feet to avoid scratching your floors. We carry Dog crates featuring both single or double doors.


Crates for Puppies and Large Dogs

Dogs are den animals, so this private space helps them feel protected. Dogs with access to crates are better adjusted, obedient and happy at home. Find plastic and metal dog crates from leading manufacturers at our store in the Beach.

Dog Brands We Carry

Four Paws dog crates Midwest dog crates Petmate Precision dog crates

raw dog food in toronto

Dog Crate Training Tips

Crate training is one of the best tools to help a young pup with toilet training, sleeping and obedience. The process of crate training may be challenging for some pups, so it is very important to make sure it is done properly. Read one of our most popular blogs that goes over 4 Tips for Quick & Easy Crate Training.


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