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Dog Collars and Leashes

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Best Quality Dog Collars in Toronto

A walk is probably your dog’s favourite time of the day. Make it a comfortable, happy experience for you both with the right dog collar, leash, and/or harness. The Dog Market has a wide selection of dog collars with unique features that will help make your walks simpler and more enjoyable.

From traditional nylon to leather, soy and more, we have a dog collar fit for every dog’s unique lifestyle and needs. Our PolyVinyl dog collars are odor-free and 100 percent waterproof, for the dog who is always in the water, while our classic leather collars are hand crafted to perfection in Montreal. Soy collars will help reduce your environmental impact and ultra-soft tubular webbing collars are an ideal solution for dogs with sensitive skin. Explore our entire collection for something that suits your dog and keeps them safe. We have various styles, patterns and colour options available

Types of Materials We Carry


Leather dog leashes


PolyVinyl Dog Leashes


Soy dog collars


Ultra-Soft Tubular Webbing Dog Collars

Ultra-Soft Tubular Webbing

Dog Collar Tips

Interested in a dog collar but not sure where to start? Choose the adjustable Clip Collar for daily wear, or the Wide Clip Collar with extra webbing for dogs with bushy hair. Considering a choke collar? Try the partial training collar first, it’s a gentle option that still allows for corrections. Also, if you’re having trouble with your dog’s collar smelling, you could try a polyvinyl one instead.

Stocking the Best Leashes Around

We carry a wide variety of leash materials and a wide range of lengths, from two feet to nine feet. Whether you need to keep your dog close in enclosed spaces, or want to give him or her more freedom to roam, you’ll find the perfect length dog leash here. Choose The Dog Market for the best quality brands of dog collars and leashes. We also offer a wide selection of training and recall leashes that are great for all your training needs.

Dog Brands We Carry


Be one Breed 2 Hounds dog collars Ezydog dog collars Hot Dogs dog leashes New Earth Soy dog collars Nit Ize dog collars

Canine Equipment dog collarsCoastal Pet Products dog leashes DogLine dog leashes Easy Walk harness dog leashes Flexi dog leashes Fuzzyard dog collars

Parisian Pet dog collars PetSafe dog leashes RC Pets dog leashes Ruffwear dog collars West Paw dog collars

dog holding dog collar

Which is Better: Dog Collar or Dog Harness?

Dog collars, leashes and harnesses are important for many reasons: training your dog, and controlling barking, for example. In most cases, a collar and leash will assist you on walks and other activities without issue, however in some instances a harness may be a better option. For puppies and dogs still learning to walk on a leash, a harness will lend more control and help keep them from getting tangled up.

We have various dog harness options to choose from: front clip, back clip, and gentle leaders. For dogs who may have respiratory issues or pull too much on a leash, a harness can help discourage pulling and putting too much strain on their necks, which can increase risk of injury. For nighttime or early morning walks, we have light up collars and/or lights that come in battery operated or USB rechargeable options, making walking at those times of day safe for you and your dog.

Whichever combination you choose, The Dog Market has a wide selection of products with safety features to give you and your dog peace of mind.


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