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Big and Small Dog Clothes Your Pup Will Love

No matter how large or small your dog is, we have the right type of clothing to help keep them warm, dry and stylish. The Dog Market has dog clothing from many high-quality designer brands, some not readily found in Canada. You can trust our dog jackets to perform in Toronto’s harsh winter and our footwear to protect his or her sensitive paw pads from the demanding summer heat and salty sidewalks in the winter. Discover dog clothes for every season that will help keep your pup safe and comfortable.

Types of Dog Clothing We Carry


Dog jackets and sweaters

Dog jackets and sweaters

Dog rain gear, snow suits and leg warmers

Dog rain gear and snow suits

Ddog shoes, boots, and other footwear

Dog shoes, socks and boots

Dog shirts and pajamas

Dog shirts and pajamas

Bowties and other dog accessories

Bowties and other dog accessories

Cute, Unique Dog Clothes

Just like dressing up your dog? We understand! At The Dog Market you’ll find cute dog clothes that are perfect for your pup’s Instagram page or family photos. You’ll also discover unique dog clothing items you may not have thought of, like bowties, ties, hair accessories and costumes, to delight you and your canine model.

Dog Jackets and Dog Sweaters

Both short hair and long-haired dogs may struggle in our cold climate. Quality dog sweaters and jackets can ensure your four-legged family member stays warm and dry on winter walks. Those who take their pooch hiking or camping may also find a jacket valuable even in summer rain. Especially as they get older, short-haired dogs can get cold even inside their own home. A cable-knit or fleece dog sweater can make your dog more comfortable through any climate.

Dog Clothing Brands We Carry


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Dog Apparel

Dog Paws Need Protection Too

From slippery floors to hot pavement and rocky terrain, your dog’s paws cover a lot of ground. Prevent cracks, cuts and burns with quality dog footwear. Socks can keep your four-legged friend’s paws warm in the winter, while rubber-soled boots keep salt out from between their toes and give them traction on slippery ice. Salt can burn and cut into your dogs’ paws, causing injuries and blisters that can result in infection. Paws directly exposed to extreme cold and ice are at risk of getting frost bite. Boots or water proof socks help keep paws protected. If you’re looking for dog clothes in Toronto, don’t neglect your pup’s paws.


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You can’t tell if your dog’s clothes will really fit when you’re shopping online. Stop by our store today to be sure your dog’s jacket, sweater, and booties will fit them properly so that they are truly comfortable on their adventures or hanging out at home. We’ll even set up a fashion show so you can see what works best. We have the widest selection of quality dog clothes in Toronto.

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