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Find the Best Dog Accessories in Toronto

To work, to the beach, or to the park–wherever you’re bringing your dog, our dog accessories will help you take the best care of them. We carry quality dog accessories as well as seasonal gear and everyday needs. If you’re headed outdoors, our dog accessories will make it simple to offer your pup a drink of water and keep them safe in extreme weather. Traveling to the vet instead? Our medical dog accessories help your pooch heal and feel less anxious. Throughout the seasons, explore our wide selection of trusted dog gear brands.

Dog Brands We Carry


 gulpy dog accessories in toronto FouFit Dog Accessories K & H Dog Accessories Kong Cloud Dog Accessories Lap It Up Dog AccessoriesPet Remedy Dog AccessoriesPetSafe Dog AccessoriesDr. MaggieTrueleafThundershirt Dog AccessoriesMessy Mutts Dog AccessoriesTotally Pooched Dog Accessories

Forgot Your Dog Poop Bags?

Forgetting your poop bags happens to the best of us, but a poop bag dispenser will make your job a little easier. Choose from our wide selection of convenient, stylish and colourful dog poop bag holders that can clip right onto your leash so you never forget them. We offer both scented and unscented poop bags; as well as biodegradable and compostable options.

Brands We Carry


Earthrated Dog AccessoriesMK Dog Accessories  Zippy Paws Dog Accessories Be One Breed Dog Accessories

Beco Pocket Dog Accessories Messy Mutts Dog Accessories Kong Dog Accessories Totally Pooched Dog Accessories

Unique Dog Gear in Toronto

One of the benefits of shopping at The Dog Market is that we have a huge selection of dog accessories, including some you may not have thought of yet. For example, we carry thunder shirts that help dogs feel more secure during thunderstorms. We also have canine backpacks, training clickers and whistles, and comfy cones. Comfy cones or the Kong Inflatable cone offers a great alternative to the hard plastic cones. Not only are they a lot more comfortable, they are more durable than traditional cones as well. Whatever you need, we have it all, and we’ll help you find a dog gear solution that’s just right for you!

Prepare for Any Season with Outdoor Dog Gear

Most of our four-legged family members love to join us on camping trips, boating trips, hikes and other all-season adventures. But you need extra gear to keep them safe and healthy in the great outdoors.

Life jackets will maintain your dog’s utmost safety near any body of water, from a pool to a lake, while portable water bottles will offer your dog a refreshing drink whenever they need it. Plus, in Toronto’s hot summers, a cooling jacket may be just what your dog needs to prevent heat stroke and stay comfortable. Find all of the unique outdoor dog gear you need, including sweaters, jackets and booties, from The Dog Market.

We Carry


RC pets Dog Accessories  FouFou Dog Dog Accessories FouFit Dog Accessories


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If you can’t find it elsewhere, our friendly staff will help you track down the dog accessories you need or provide recommendations. We can also order specialty items not readily available. Find your perfect dog accessories in Toronto from The Dog Market.

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