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Smart Litter Solutions for Cleaning Up After Your Cat

Cats like their privacy when they do their business, so you need a kitty litter to keep your cat hygienic. This doesn’t mean it has to be complicated or full of chemicals. In The Cat Market section we offer simple kitty litter with low environmental impact. Plus, we carry inventive options to help keep your cat healthy and to reduce the smell, like the litter locker.

Cat Litter Accessories

Kitty Litter Locker

Cat Litter Locker

Kitty Litter

Cat Litter

Cat Litter Boxes

Cat Litter Boxes

Litter Scoops

Cat Litter Scoops

Cat Litter Box Options

It’s more hygienic for your cat if you change your litter box every two, or so, years. Otherwise, the scratches your cat(s) makes in the plastic can begin to harbour harmful bacteria. If left to grow, this bacteria can cause urinary infections and other health issues. The Cat Market carries a wide range of litter boxes in many shapes and sizes to suit your cat and your home. We’re proud to carry litter boxes from brands such as Petmate, Petsafe, Van Ness, and Smartcat. We also offer a wide range of amazing and durable litter scoops.

Smarter Kitty Litter

Taking care of your cat should be a delight, not a chore. That’s why The Cat Market has searched far and wide to find the best kitty litter, to make your litter routine as smooth as possible. We have natural, chemical free kitty litter options, some made with corn, pine, or other biodegradable materials. You and your cat can both feel comfortable with these great, odour-neutralizing litter options.

Brands We carry

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Litter Accessories

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Natural Cat Litter

Why Choose Natural Cat Litter?

The cat litter you choose can have an impact on your cat, as well as your family. Natural cat litter is a great option. It is less harmful than traditional litters making it the healthy choice for you and your cat. Natural cat litter is biodegradable and completely renewable. It is made from materials like cassava, corn, pine, wheat, and recycled paper products. Not to worry, you don’t have to give up clumping litter if you switch to natural, it still comes with that option. And, natural litter is also flushable. We offer a lot of options in our Cat Market Section.


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Which kitty litter or litter box fits your lifestyle and cat best? If you have questions come talk to our experienced, friendly staff. We’re happy to help you find the right options for your cat, so they’re comfortable and healthy.

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