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Cat Treats

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High Quality Cat Treats & Supplements

Your cat may not perform a trick for a treat but, you still enjoy giving them the occasional treat to enrich their lives and their taste buds. Giving your cat a snack renews your bond and can also boost your cat’s health. The Cat Market carries a wide variety of high-quality treats that delight cats, some not readily available in Canada. Whether you’re looking for a cat snack, health supplement or vitamin you’ll find it here.

Types We Carry

Savory Cat Treats

Savory Cat Treats

Cat Supplements

Cat Supplements

Cat Oils and Pills

Cat Oils and Pills

Cat Dental Treats

Cat Dental Treats

Treat Your Cat’s Ailments with Supplements

Cats have different nutritional needs throughout their lives. As kittens they need more nutrients to grow, while senior cats may need more nutrients to protect their bones and joints. Adult cats benefit from supplements that treat fleas, dry skin, and other common conditions as they continue to age. You can find the nutrients your cat needs even some that your vet recommends at The Cat Market from high-quality brands you can trust.

Quality Cat Treats and Supplement Brands

Your furry family member deserves delicious and nutritious treats. At The Cat Market we carry a variety of top-quality brands that you can trust to deliver savory cat treats that taste great and healthy supplements to boost your cat’s health. Whether you need dental treats or just a little something to spoil your cat, we carry it all in The Cat Market aisle.

Brands We carry

pet organics cat treats Primal Crumps pure bites dog and cat treats greenies cat treats toronto Pet Remedy

tomlyn cat treats Orijen  instinct cat food and treats toronto homeopet cat treats toronto dr. maggie cat treats toronto

Nature's Dentist Grizzly Salmon baie run cat treats toronto welly tails cat treats toronto Slurp'n Fresh Vet's + Best

enviro fresh cat treats toronto   Triple Pet

Cat Treats

Delicious Cat Treats in Toronto

Not all cat treats are made with a cat’s natural preferences in mind. The quality brands we carry offer your cat the unique tastes, textures and smells that they naturally enjoy. Even our cat vitamins are taste optimized, where possible, to make it easier for your cat to get the nutrients he or she needs in their diet.


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We carry a wide selection of cat treats and supplements so that we have the flavours and nutritional qualities to satisfy any cat. At our store you can find something to offer your furry friend that they’ve never tried before. Talk to our knowledgeable staff about cat supplements and natural options to help keep your cat healthy and happy.

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