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Cat Toys

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Cats love to play with toys!

From basic toys to objects that aren’t really toys to begin with, there’s nothing that your cat isn’t curious about.


Cat Toys Your Feline Will Love

Come by the storefront to find your kitty’s favourite new toy. We carry plenty of great toys that will make playtime that much more fun.

Playtime with the best cat toys

Challenge your cat with a treat maze and make them work for their snacks (just like they would in the wild!), entice them with a lure caster, or let them entertain themselves with a classic mouse- we have everything you need for a great time. Choose your favourite toys from top brands.

Popular cat brands we carry

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Cat Toys

Playful Cat Toys

There are plenty of great toys out there that serve a purpose and make playtime that much more fun. Some of our options work specifically to keep their minds sharp, while others help them get their daily dose of exercise.


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Enjoy Countless Hours of Entertainment From Quality Cat Toys. Teach your cat to think outside the box and test their reflexes! Stop by our location in The Beaches to get your furry friend a special gift!

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