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Cat Grooming Supplies

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Best grooming products to pamper your cat

From water-free grooming foam and wipes to shampoo for the cat that doesn’t mind a true bath, you can find an option that both you and your cat can agree on. You can also select from natural treatments for dry or itchy skin, dental care and various brushes to suit all your cat’s needs.

Types of Grooming Supplies

Water-free cat grooming foam

Waterless Bath Products

Shampoo for grooming cat

Shampoo for cats

Natural cat grooming supplies that treat dry or itchy skin

Natural treatments for dry or itchy skin

Cat Grooming Brushes with non-slip grips

Brushes for all coat types

Cat Grooming in Toronto

Anything to make your cat feel pampered – we’ve got it! For particularly special occasions (or for cats that are particularly difficult to groom, try our cat grooming service!

We Carry the Most Trusted Brands

Rely on reputable brands to help your friend put their best paw forward. We stock options from some of the most trusted names.

Brands We Carry

JW Kong earth bath dog and cat grooming toronto  Hartz triple pet grooming supplies in toronto Hands OnSafari

Cat Grooming Supplies

Cats Love Grooming

Cats love to groom, but sometimes they need a bit of help to really get the job done right! Proper grooming ensures that your cat’s skin and fur stay healthy each and every day. This can help cut down on shedding and can sometimes even help those who suffer from allergies.


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Give Your Cat a Coat to be Proud of

No matter what your needs are, we have the grooming supplies in stock so that you can get started right away. Visit our location in The Beach to browse our different cat grooming options.

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