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Cat Beds

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Comfy Cat Beds to Rest Their Paws!

You can choose from a selection of soft, comfy beds that are eco-friendly, handmade, or fancy enough to match with your home décor (so you don’t have to hide it when guests are over!).

Types of Cat Beds We Carry

Eco-friendly cat beds

Eco-Friendly Cat Beds

Round, handmade or fancy cat beds

Round Cat Beds

Soft and comfy cat beds

Washable Cat Mats

Browse Our Cat Bed Collection

We understand how important it is to have the right bed at night, and that’s why we’ve done our research and found you the best beds for any type of cat.

Popular Cat Bed Brands

No matter how picky your cat is about where to sleep, our collection covers every type of cat.

Brands We Carry

Westpaw Bowsers

Cat Beds and Mats

About Our Cat Bed Collection

BOWSERS PET PRODUCTS – The high quality beds made by Bowsers are available in a myriad of materials, including faux fur, microfibre, cotton, micro-wool, & much more. Select from mats, pillows and circular beds that are soft & comfy yet extremely durable and machine washable.

WEST PAW – Your cat might love our luxury bedding handmade from eco-friendly, high quality materials by West Paw.



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Take Back Control of Your Bed!

The battle for the bed (or couch) can finally be over! You’ll be able to choose the best bed for your cat and give them something that they can call their own.
Visit us at our shop in The Beach to pick out the perfect cat-napping location for your pet!

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