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Puppy paw protection

Puppy Paw Protection

Winter in Toronto can be a beautiful time of year, but it’s also a challenging time when it comes to keeping your canine companion healthy and happy. One important cold-weather consideration: protecting doggies’ paws.

What does the severe cold of a Toronto winter do to the paws of your furry best friends? What does the corrosive ice-melting sidewalk salt do? Well, you wouldn’t want to walk on it unprepared, that’s for sure.

Road salt and some sodium chloride or potassium chloride based ice melters are highly toxic and harmful to dogs. Salt will burn and cut into dogs’ paws, causing injuries and blisters that tend to get infected. Also once your dog comes inside and licks his paws, he is ingesting a great amount of toxins that can result in vomiting, diarrhea, excessive drooling, tremors and stomach ulcers. And depending on the amount ingested, it could even threaten a dog’s life.

Safe Paw is a great, safe product for dogs and children that you can use around your house. But on those long walks your dog needs, you might be walking in other parts of the city that may not be using a safe alternative for the ice.

The severe temperatures of our winters alone can also be dangerous for dogs. Paws that are directly exposed to extreme cold and ice are in danger of frost bite and those stubborn snow balls that form between the toes make dogs very uncomfortable limiting their play time outside. That’s where boots or water proof socks play a very important role at keeping those paws protected.

Next time you are taking your four-legged friend out in the snow, consider dog paw protection to shield his bare paws from pain, injury and illness with functional and attractive canine footwear. A natural, lickable, non-toxic balm like “Invisible Boot” can also be used to soothe and moisturize dried or cracked paws this time of year as well.

Protecting Paws from the Elements: Doggie Footwear

We know that doggie footwear is the best alternative against diseases and injuries in the winter. But did you know that dog boots are useful all year long in many other scenarios? Make sure your dog’s feet are always as comfortable and healthy as yours. Functional boots or socks for your dog can:

  • Provide better traction for your dog in sand, snow or rain, so you can both enjoy the great outdoors for hours without worry.
  • Keep paws dry and warm to prevent discomfort.
  • Protect paws from overheated asphalt or sand in the summer. The street, your driveway or patio and supermarket parking lots will be a lot easier for your dog to navigate with proper footwear.
  • Prevent paw injuries (cuts, scrapes and broken claws) with durable paw coverings.
  • Save on vet bills with a small investment in dog paw protection.
  • Avoid accidental poisoning or intestinal upset from licking paws after walking through lawn pesticides or motor oil.
  • Enable endurance. You’ll no longer need to pick up and carry your dog towards the end of their walk (unless you want to) with some practical and attractive doggie boots.
  • Allow flexibility. You’ll enjoy freedom to take your pet out for long walks in the coldest or hottest weather—on a variety of surfaces from sidewalk to beach, dog park to country road.
  • Get traction on slippery hardwood floors and smooth tile with no-slip socks or other paw protective options.
  • Protect flooring, furniture and/or car interior from scratches/damage.
  • Keep your home (and your dog) cleaner, avoiding tracked-in mud.

Dog paw protection doesn’t have to be extremely expensive or inconvenient. Choose from a carefully picked selection of pet supplies at The Dog Market. Contact us today!


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