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What Does Professional Grooming Do for My Dog?

Regular grooming is extremely important for your canine friend. Not only does it keep dogs’ coats clean and manageable, it also enables you to do a quick health check any time you need.

dog groomingThere are many benefits to grooming your dog.

  • It aerates the fur.
  • It promotes healthy fur growth.
  • It encourages good blood circulation.
  • Reduces matted fur.
  • Gets rid of allergens.
  • It allows you to check for fleas, ticks and/or other pests.

Grooming also helps to keep grease levels down, avoiding blocked pores and painful cysts.

Most dogs live primarily indoors and so molt quicker and more often than their wild counterparts, causing the loose hairs to become matted. If not brushed out regularly, they form into heavy mats which can pinch the skin – a very painful predicament for your dog.

Grooming is also the perfect opportunity for you or your groomer to give a thorough check and ensure he or she is healthy. A once-over also enables us to check for any balls of matted fur between the paw pads, which can sometimes become hard with dirt and grease, adding to the discomfort of your dog.

On an emotional level, grooming reduces stress, helping your pup relax and slow down. When your dog is groomed regularly, he or she becomes well-adjusted.

Why visit a pro?

It’s often best to visit a professional groomer, since the tools used for grooming often depend on the unique coat of your dog. A professional groomer knows what to look for and how to correctly groom your pet. He/she knows what to look for and can often times find things early on.

dog washOur professional groomers will use such grooming items as:

  • Detangling spray
  • Fine toothed comb
  • Wide, coarse comb
  • Ear drops
  • Ear and eye wipes
  • Small scissors
  • Soft slicker brush
  • Clippers
  • Doggy toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Silky coat brush
  • Curly coat brush
  • Double coat brush
  • Wire coat brush
  • Smooth coat brush
  • Undercoat removers
  • Quality shampoo that is specially formulate for your dog’s needs

Long-haired dogs and those with active outdoor lifestyles will need grooming more frequently than shorter-haired dogs or those with more leisurely lifestyles. Some dogs like to roll in the leaves, others like to bark at leaves from the comfort of your air conditioned home.

For smooth-haired breeds such as Pugs, Bulldogs, Labs, Boxers, Whippets, etc. you can take care of some basic grooming, like brushing and bathing, between professional visits.

Pet groomingOf course, if you plan to show your dog it’s best to visit a groomer with specific experience grooming your particular breed. Show styles will change slightly every so often, so an experienced groomer can give well founded advice. They can also follow the Canadian/American Kennel Club regulations if you would like a traditional show cut.

There are many benefits to visiting a good groomer. A professional clip will enhance your dog’s coat and the tools and equipment used in our grooming salon are more precise and more comfortable for your furry friend.

Not to mention, an experienced groomer may spot something the owner could miss when grooming at home. This could be anything from fleas to a lump that’s hard to spot, but potentially serious. Going to a groomer also provides the opportunity for social interaction with other dogs which can be a good experience for them.

You can walk right in with your dog for a grooming session, or call ahead to schedule an appointment and make sure a space is available. Either way, we can’t wait to see you!


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