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Getting Your Pet Ready for Spring | Spring Pet Chores

What does it take to make your pet happy and ready for this beautiful spring weather?

  • Grooming
  • Spring cleaning
  • Watching for allergies
  • Scouting for pests

A few hours this weekend and a watchful eye over the next few weeks will keep your pet in great shape for the next several months, until the cold weather forces us to scale back our outdoor time and hibernate a little.

dog grooming


The warmer weather means lots and lots of shedding. The heavy winter fur gets replaced with a thinner coat, even in indoor cats.

See the great selection of grooming products we carry.

A good brushing twice a week will help thin out the hair and limit the amount of fur piling up in corners and under your couches. A good quality brush designed for your pet’s hair does the job best.

A bath with all natural pet shampoo before one of the regular brushings helps loosen fur and goes a long way toward keeping your home clean.

  • A shampoo designed specifically for the type of fur/skin your pet has is important.
  • Dry fur can be remedied with a gentle pet conditioner.
  • Weekly ear cleaning with a natural ear cleaner is very important. Don’t use Q-tips as they can be harmful or do damage, a cotton ball is best.
  • Paws can get dry and crack through the winter and the hot pavement in the summer can be painful for your pet! We have products to help repair and ease the pain.
  • Brush gently, against the grain, especially after drying your pet.
  • Trim their nails every 4-6 weeks with a sturdy dog or cat nail clipper.

Or bring your pet in for the royal treatment at our storefront. Our professional team can take care of everything your pet needs in a few hours.

We provide walk-in nail clips for only $10.00 every day of the week, and customized grooming service to meet your pet’s needs.

Spring cleaning

The winter brings dust and seasonal debris, like grains of salt and deicer chemicals, into our homes.

We also keep the windows shut, and many of your pets’ favourite things get stale.

Run bedding and fabric toys through the wash, and take care of leashes, collars and plastic toys by hand with some natural dish soap.

Watching for allergies

The allergiesWe’re all animals, and pets can get seasonal allergies just like we do.

Take care of your pets’ allergies with these gentle products.

  • Is your dog scratching more?
  • Is his or her skin red?
  • Are their ears dirtier than normal? Or smell?
  • Are their tear stains darker?
  • Are they licking their paws more?

Those can all be signs of an allergy.

When the seasons change, these symptoms come on hard, but there are a few things pet owners can do to make things more comfortable.

  • Salmon oil or any similar Omega-3 reduces inflammation.
  • Coconut oil can also reduce inflammation.
  • Bathing with pet shampoo regularly removes airborne allergens that have attached to your pet.
  • A professional grooming can help a lot.
  • Changing your pet’s diet can also make a difference.
  • Regular ear cleaning is extremely important.

Dog scratching a tickScouting for pests

Warm weather brings pests that hassle your pets, like:

  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Biting flies
  • Mosquitoes

Fleas and ticks can carry harmful parasites, and it’s important to treat them at the first sign of a problem. Using regular flea and tick protection is important, especially in warmer summer weather.

There are plenty of natural solutions to choose from, and we also carry Advantage and Advantix. Stop by our storefront in the Beaches and see what we can recommend for your furry family members.


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