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Everything Your New Puppy Needs | The Complete New Puppy Checklist

First time pet owners run into lots of “uh oh” moments, where they discover they don’t have the puppy supplies they need the moment they need them, and have to run out in a rush to get something that will do the job. If they don’t run to The Dog Market, they often end up …

10 Questions for a Dog Pro | Ask Joey Your Dog Questions

Take comfort in the fact that a lot of new and prospective dog families ask many of the same questions. Here are our answers to 10 of the most common questions we get from people just like you. 10 Questions for A Dog Pro Whether you’re a new puppy owner, rescuing a dog to add …

Choosing “Baby Sitters” for Your Dog

dog chewing on toy

Sometimes it’s hard saying goodbye to your dog when you leave for work, run those essential errands, or otherwise have an occasion that keeps you away for part or most of the day. Depending on the breed and age, when some dogs are left alone without enough stimulating play time, they can become anxious, bored …

Understanding Why Your Dog Has the Runs and How to Treat Them

Just like humans, dogs can suffer from upset stomachs. Diarrhea is actually a very common issue among dogs and when you consider that your pup will put almost anything in their mouth without understanding the consequences for their stomach later on, it’s easy to see how quickly their stomachs can turn based on that alone. …

3 Ways to Get Rid of Stinky Pet Breath Naturally

Do you love to smooch your pooch, but can’t stand his or her stinky breath? When a dog’s breath is rancid, it means their mouth is unhealthy from a buildup of bacteria in the mouth, lungs, and gut. Here are some simple, natural ways to get rid of your dog’s stinky breath. 1. Coconut Oil …


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