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Fun activities to help your dog beat the summer heat in Toronto

You’ll miss the summer heat when it’s snowy, slushy, and rainy a few months from now.

Even if it’s a sweltering day out, you still have some great opportunities to spend time out of the house with your dog.

The key is water.

Your dog loves it, it keeps both of you cool, and there’s plenty of it around The Beaches.

So what are some of the ways Dog Market families like yours make the most of the water on those hot days?


woman paddleboarding with dog There’s something totally serene about paddling along the glassy waterfront on a Saturday or Sunday morning, especially with your dog perched between your legs or on the front of the paddleboard gazing into the water.

Paddleboarding can be a low impact activity that gives you every opportunity to take a break and dip your feet or your whole self into the water to cool off.

If your dog loves the water but isn’t much of a swimmer, set them up with a life jacket from R.C. Pets and let them float around as much as they want.

Or go out for a team swim

If your dog is a high energy breed, a swim in the cool water can burn that energy wonderfully.

You can toss a floating toy from West Paw out into the water and watch as your dog charges into the water to get it.

Your furry friend will keep the game going until he/she has to lay down and take a nap, and they’ll never overheat.

Safety first!

If you’re out far, put a life jacket on your dog just to be on the safe side.

And, always check the safety flags before going into the water.

  • Blue/Green: Natural waterfront. Light wind and waves. Lifeguard on duty.
  • Yellow: Caution, moderate hazard. Rough water and/or strong current and/or strong offshore wind. Lifeguard on duty.
  • Red: Danger, high hazard. Extreme wave action and/or currents. Swimming not recommended. Lifeguard on duty.
  • Red/Yellow stripe: Limit of supervised swimming area. Swim between flags.
  • No flag: No lifeguard on duty.

A hike doesn’t have to be so sweaty

Did you know you can get cooling jackets or bandanas from established brands like:

  • Ruffwear
  • Canine Equipment
  • FouFou Dog

You don’t have to skip your hike or trail run just because it’s a stuffy day. Your dog will be just fine in a jacket designed to keep cool throughout hours of activity in the heat.

Don’t forget your dog’s travel water bowl and some cold water from an insulated thermos for a break along the way. We have lots of portable water bottle options in our storefront in The Beaches!

Or stick around home and splash, splash, splash

You don’t have to take a long walk to cool down together in the water.

Most dogs absolutely love small wading pools – the kind you would sit your kids down in when they were toddlers.

Fill one up with the hose and let your dog loose in it. An inflatable wading pool tucks away easily when they’re done with their backyard shenanigans.

Your dog might also love playing with the water straight out of the hose. Make up a game and they’ll probably wear you out with it.

Beat the heat this summer, but don’t lock yourself in the house.

Stop by to pick up your summer pet supplies and spend more fun time outside with your dog this year.


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