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Essential Products for Your Older Dog

Essential products for your older dog

Like everybody else, your dog becomes a little less mobile and needs extra help in his or her day to day activities as the years pass.

Comfort and accessibility are among the more important things to consider around the house as your dog ages.

If you share your home with a senior dog, make sure you stock these 8 essentials.

Dog boots

Dog boots are essential for older dogs for a number of reasons.

  • Arthritis happens, and many senior dogs drag their paws along the ground as they walk. That wears down their nails and the skin on their paws gets raw.
  • Older dogs are more sensitive to temperature than younger dogs. Walking in the winter or summer is more painful than it used to be.
  • After a walk, older dogs are ready to get back inside and lay down. Boots keep their feet clean so all you have to do is unstrap the footwear and let the dog in. No wiping down feet at the door.

You can find all kinds of practical, functional boots here.

Lots of beds

Your older dog spends more time sleeping than they used to, and he/she sleeps differently too.

Older dogs tend to sleep stretched out, as opposed to curled up like younger pups. It’s also harder for them to get up on the couch (if you allow couch sitting), but that doesn’t mean they should be sleeping on the hard floor.

We recommend a bed in every social area of your home, plus at least 2 in quieter corners of the house. Since your senior dog will stretch out, you should opt for a slightly larger bed.

Some beds are specifically designed for older dogs, with extra padding and some even have memory foam inserts. Others have warming or cooling features – a luxury for young dogs and an incredible comfort for older dogs.

Blankets to go with the beds

If you’re cold, it’s safe to assume your dog is cold, too.

A couple blankets with each bed can be of great comfort to your aging companion.

They have the added function of catching any accidents (pees or poops), so you can wash the blanket instead of the whole bed.

Cleaning wipes and sprays

Accidents happen. Your older dog can’t hold off going to the bathroom as long as he/she used to.

Nok-Out spray cleaner is great at removing strong odours and stains, even those allowed to set for days.

It’s safe for hardwood floors, common household surfaces, and you can even use it in the washing machine.

We carry other brands too. Stop by to see the full selection.

Good nail clippers

Clipping your dog’s nails on a regular basis is key. We offer walk-in nail clipping 7 days a week, and it’s simple and quick.

If you’re comfortable doing it at home, a good set of clippers will get the job done quickly and painlessly.

Since your older dog might be wearing boots on walks, his/her nails will wear down less. So clipping them on a regular basis is important.

A good brush

Brushing is relaxing and great for bonding.

It also gives you the opportunity to check for strange lumps/bumps on your dog.

Try out a few different brush stiffnesses and see what your dog likes best. Make a regular dog date to brush and hang out with your dog.

Elevated water and food dishes

Older dogs have a hard time eating food from floor level bowls.

An elevated bowl will keep your dog happy and encourage more eating. Older dogs are prone to cutting meals short because of neck discomfort. Raised bowls eliminate the discomfort.


Senior dogs require extra help getting all the nutrition a dog needs.

  • Vitamins.
  • Joint care.
  • Coat care.

All older dogs require the same extra help. Luckily, your older dog has you! A caring family willing to pitch in a little more to help make life more comfortable and the house more accessible.

Stop by our storefront and ask about all our senior dog products today.


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