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The Best Chew for Your Dog | Choosing the Right Dog Bone

What is the best chew for your dog?

One of the best things you can do for your dog, regardless of how old he or she is, is to make sure they have a chew of their own all the time.

They’re a fun activity for your dog, just hanging around the house munching on a bone, real natural rawhide, antler or tendon, but they are good in other ways too:

  • Chews help improve dental health by helping scrape off plaque, control tartar and maintain gum health. This means less bad breath, nice white teeth and a lowered risk of serious dental problems/disease.
  • Chews keep your dog’s mind stimulated. An active brain is a healthy brain.
  • Chews satisfy your dog’s innate urge to, well, chew things. It helps you avoid destructive, expensive chewing behaviour in dogs of any age.
  • Chews relieve the teething pain puppies go through early in life and stimulate the growth of adult teeth.
  • They’re also the world’s best and cheapest babysitter.

The best chew for your dog depends on a few things. You know him/her best, so read on and see which chew seems right. You can always stop by our storefront and talk with us to figure out the best options too!

What is real natural rawhide?

Rawhide is the hide of the animal, most commonly from cows or pigs.

True rawhide is the hide/skin of the actual animal. Rolled and smoked.

Processed or bleached rawhide will make the rawhide look white, which makes it no good for the dog. A lot of man-made rawhide comes in the shape of bones or twisted sticks.

If your dog loves rawhide, look for the most natural product you can find. Cheaper rawhide products are almost always contaminated with chemicals.

Real bone dog chews

black labradorIt is important to never give cooked or boiled bones to your dog, as they can splinter and cut the inside of your dog’s mouth or become a choking hazard. Smoked or raw bones are always best and much safer. Most naturally smoked bones are preserved with rosemary and smoked for a long period of time at a low temperature to keep the done durable and fully intact.

Natural bones are great dog chews for so many reasons.

  • They provide excellent jaw exercise.
  • They provide many dental benefits.
  • They relieve stress.
  • They give your dog a task to focus on.

You can get many different bones in many different sizes from many different types of animals. Most popular are beef marrow bones, lamb shanks, pork femur bones.

Naturally shed antlers

Great options for most dogs are deer or elk antlers that have been shed naturally. They make for humane, long-lasting, eco-friendly dog chews because they are unprocessed and require no chemicals for preparation.

Cute dog and it's antlerThese antlers are:

  • Odourless.
  • Durable enough for the toughest chewers.
  • Available in various sizes as well as whole, split or even filled with a beef tendon.
  • Great for sensitive stomachs.
  • Hypo-allergenic.

Tendons are more commonly known as bully sticks

These chews are made from parts of a bull. Some can get stinky with use, but if you buy the long sticks, they last a long time and most dogs absolutely love them. We do carry odourless tendons.


  • Mainly available in beef or buffalo which are either smoked or baked.
  • They are usually referred to as bully sticks.
  • Available in many different lengths and thicknesses.
  • They are all natural.

What else is available?

Your dog, like you, has a unique personality with unique tastes. He or she might not be interested in something a little different, such as:

  • Dried fish skins mainly from Salmon. They are natural, single ingredient sources of protein and fatty acids.
  • Himalayan dog chews. Made mainly from yak’s milk, these chews are sort of like hard cheese chews for your dog. They are easy on the stomach and easy on your nose. They are very durable and a great healthy chew full of calcium and protein.
  • Whole food. Produce like carrots, apples and dehydrated sweet potatoes make good low calorie chews for dogs. They don’t last long, obviously, but dogs seem to love the human food element. So go nuts!

Come by our storefront and sort through the chews we have in stock. Bring your dog and let him or her choose!


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