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What Is The Best Cat Litter?

What is the best cat litter?


If you explore our kitty litter section, you’ll find a huge selection of litter options.

  • Corn
  • Wheat
  • Pine
  • Recycled paper
  • Clay

All have varying degrees of clumping, odour protection, dust, natural-ness, and other characteristics.

We only carry litter products we think are good for your cat and good for the planet, but shopping in a boutique like ours still gives you plenty of options.

So to help you decide, here’s what you should know about each.

Corn cat litter

The most popular brand of corn litter, for good reason, is World’s Best Cat Litter (we carry it).

  • The grains are fairly large, and some cats avoid the litter box because of the texture.
  • It clumps wonderfully, and nothing sticks to the sides or bottom of the litter box.
  • Odour control is very good.
  • Flushing the World’s Best Cat Litter is totally fine in Toronto, and most users love the convenience of a quick flush.
  • A bag of litter will last you a longer time.

Wheat cat litter

Swheat Scoop is our favourite brand of wheat kitty litter because it’s clay and chemical free.

  • The grains are fine, and even picky cats will use the litter without a second thought.
  • Odour control is excellent, and many apartment and condo families choose Swheat Scoop because of this.
  • Dust is minimal, and most cats don’t track any litter around the house.
  • Flushing is easy.
  • The price per bag is good, considering a large bag will last half a year or more.

Pine cat litter

Pine litter is very environmentally friendly, because it’s made from leftover sawdust from lumber mills. At The Dog Market, we carry Simply Pine, which many cat owners swear by.

  • The grains are not quite as large as corn litter, but cats don’t seem to be as picky about size with the pine. Perhaps it’s the natural woodland scent of the pine tree.
  • The litter doesn’t actually clump. Cat urine breaks down the pellets into sawdust, which you can shake free of the litter box.
  • The natural properties of pine wood control odour exceedingly well.
  • The large pellet size means there is no dust at all. Even when poured aggressively, you don’t have to worry about dust clouds.
  • It’s great for flushing, since it doesn’t actually clump.
  • The cost is among the best available, with a 20-pound bag lasting about a month and a half for around $15.

Recycled paper litter

The idea of a recycled litter is great for the environment, as it is a recycled product being used instead of throwing it out.

  • It comes in medium-sized pellets, which some cats like and others dislike.
  • It doesn’t clump, and because of the material, it’s actually easier to change the whole box of litter rather than scooping.
  • It doesn’t produce any dust! Probably the most attractive feature of this litter.
  • You can use the litter for compost, but you can’t flush it.

Need help choosing a cat litter?

Still on the fence about which cat litter to choose for your cat? Want to get a look at the products for yourself? Stop by our storefront in the Beaches and we’ll help you out!


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