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4 Pawsome New Year’s Resolutions for Your Dog!

It’s that time of year again! Time to think about the goals you want to accomplish in the next 12 months… But what about your furry family member? When you sit down to think about your goals and New Year’s Resolutions, don’t forget to set some for your dog too!

Whether your pooch needs to exercise more, change his or her diet, or go to Obedience School, we’ve got 4 great ideas for goals to help your dog have a happier and healthier 2018!

1. Learn something new

It doesn’t matter if you have an older dog or a new puppy, there can always be something new to learn!

It can be something as simple as teaching your dog little tricks and commands at home, or enrolling your furry friend in an obedience training class.

2. Quit bad habits

If your dog stays home all day, chances are he or she has picked up a few bad habits or two out of boredom.

Does your pooch chew on your shoes or sit and beg at the dining room table while you eat?

Whatever it is, make 2018 the year you help your dog quit his or her bad habits for good!

3. Make self-care a priority

dog nail trimmingDog grooming is important, especially in Toronto where the weather changes so frequently!

You should make it a point to groom your dog regularly for two reasons:

  1. Regular, professional grooming is essential for vibrant health!
  2. When your dog looks good, he or she FEELS good

We know how much of a chore it can be to give your dog a bath and nail trimming at home, so that’s why we have professionals in our store who can do it for you!

4. Make new furry friends!

If you have a new puppy, you know how important socialization is to their development, happiness (and energy levels!).

dog dozializingTo help your dog meet new furry friends and get some additional exercise, make it a goal to visit local dog parks in your area!

Here are some of our favourite Toronto dog-friendly parks:

  • High Park
  • Trinity Bellwoods
  • Monarch Park
  • Coronation Park
  • Cedarvale Park

Or just take your dog down to the waterfront. There are lots of friends there all day long.

Ready to help your dog have the best year yet? We can help!

Come visit us in the Beaches, and our team will be happy to help you find the products, toys, food and treats to help your pooch crush all his or her Resolutions this year!


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