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3 Reasons Why Your Dog Needs a Great Bed

Where does your dog sleep?

On your bed? The rug in the spare bedroom? On a blanket in their crate? On the hardwood floor? In a dog bed?

We love dog beds. They’re the best place for a dog to sleep. They come in so many shapes and sizes, and with so many different features, one is already out there destined to help your pup (and you) get a better sleep every night.

These are just 3 of the endless reasons your dog needs a great bed.

1. Comfort

Dog beds are the right size, shape and texture for their comfort.

Materials like upholstery grade fabric and high memory virgin polyester fibre give your dog that furniture-comfort-fix without getting dirt, fur and slobber all over your actual furniture or duvet.

Your miniature poodle will love tucking himself into Bowsers’ Buttercup bed, with a toggle allowing you to turn it from a flatbed to a cozy hideaway.

Your large black lab will sleep soundly (and maybe snore loudly) on Bowsers’ Urban Lounger. Their new bed will fit seamlessly with your existing décor, so you won’t have to hide it away behind the couch when guests stop by.

Your dog isn’t uncomfortable sleeping on your bed or on the rug, but they are way more comfortable on a bed designed for a dog.

Find out about some more Bowsers beds from us today.

2. Sleep quality

You and your dog might curl up in bed together every night. Even big dogs like finding a spot in the bed to count some sheep.

But even if you are happy to share the space, the sleep you get with your dog in the bed is not as restful as you need, as you will both most likely toss and turn throughout the night.

And the same goes for your dog. They may enjoy the comfort of being close to you, but they won’t sleep as well as they do in their own bed.

  • Human beds are often too hot for dogs.
  • Many dog beds come with cooling features and breathable fabrics to help regulate nighttime temperatures.

On the other hand, human beds are not warm enough for lots of dogs. Heated dog beds are the solution for those pups.

Ask about some of our options from K & H Pet Products.

3. Health

This one is a little more for you than for your dog.

Dogs can carry germs and dirt to the bed. A comfy dog bed is a convenient way to keep your bed, sheets and comforter free of everything hitching a ride on your dog.

Most dog beds are very easy to clean. Even beds from Bowsers with luxurious, silky-soft fabrics like organic cotton and hemp don’t need special care. Most feature zip-on covers that slide off quickly to wash, and others can go directly in the wash as they are.

The only recommendation is that you wash them with cold water and dry in low heat.

Bring your dog by our storefront in The Beaches and test out a few of the beds we have in stock, we have lots available for viewing and testing.

They are comfortable, plush, elevated, heated, cooled, firm, soft – anything and everything your dog will love. And if you don’t see something in the store that you like, we can most likely order it for you!

If you don’t already have one, or the one you have is old and ragged, a new dog bed will change your relationship with your dog for the better. Bring one home today!


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